Tree Hugger

This is by BILL LOHSTROH [].

Moe was an avid tree hugger and animal activist. His sole purpose in life was to recruit others to his cause. Moe and his pet and mascot , the spotted owl, traveled the lower forty-eight states gathering new members.

Now, Moe ( not the sharpest pencil in the box) scheduled a membership drive in the state of Oregon. A great many of the population of Oregon are loggers and not a fan of the spotted owl, so it was not a surprise to many when the meeting hall was destroyed.

The newspaper report went something like this: “The cause of the blast still remains a mystery. We do know that the meeting hall, along with Moe and his mascot were destroyed in the explosion. The community is in the process of cleaning up the mess and preparing for the funeral. The task force found a wing here, a torso there, an owl foot here, an arm there …..etc. The remaining task was to re-member the owl and Moe.”

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