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Trance in Psychiatric Care

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By Bob Dvorak

The injuries were severe. Only two deaths, but dozens in the hospital following the explosion in the chemical plant. Beyond the injured, however, the larger tragedy looming in the town was the consternation over the accident. Could it happen again? What will be the long- term effects?

Too many in this one-company town were meandering from day to day with constant unease. Zombie-like, they’d sit on the park benches, occasionally inquiring after a relative or perhaps commenting on the weather, but, for the most part, staring into space.

In desperation the Mayor and the Town Council enlisted the services of Dr. Helmut Westphall, a noted practitioner in the area of mental trauma. Into a single session (conducted behind closed doors, so this reporter can’t tell you what was said or done), no fewer than three hundred people stumbled in and, three hours later, cheerily walked out.

Rushing to the psychiatrist as he emerged, the Mayor was stopped short by a hand from the good doctor. “It’s really nothing, Mr. Mayor. All-in-a-daze work.”

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