To See my Sal

In response to my story about Salvidor Dali (now No. 254 on our punsite), Lin Ka-Ming (aka Magus Firecow, posted the following on alt.callahans.

“That reminds me of my own Salvidor Dali story”, says Magus Firecow. “It was quite some time ago when I met the man for the first, and as far as I can recall, only time. I remember being introduced by one of my old friends to the great artist. He was sitting at his desk, and it looked like he was going to draw something. When he didn’t respond, my friend told me he was deep in thought, trying to come up with his next piece. Overwhelmed that I was watching the surrealist genius in the process of creating, I yelled out:

‘Will he, Dali, doodle? Golly what a day!!!'”

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