Tiny Bubbles?

Some time ago, several years ago in fact, there was a mad rush in alt.callahans to create puns along this line. There must be twenty or so excellent variants. This one is by Anne Gwin.

Anne bounces in with a copy of _Daily Variety_ under her arm. “Anybody remember Don Ho? Says here he got really sick of singing ‘Tiny Bubbles,’ and decided to make a comeback doing something totally different. So he talked some of his friends in NY into backing a musical, starring Don, set on the slopes of Gstaad. Naturally it laid an egg…So the producers started looking around for a way to get their money back. With their last few thou, they optioned the life of Carla Fracci, the famous Italian ballerina. They decided to see if they could cash in on the success of musicals like _Fiorello!_ and _Oliver!_, but they figured that since Signora Fracci isn’t a household name in this country, they should use both her names. Well, the gamble paid off. Unlike Don Ho’s skiing fiasco, they had a gold mine. Fifteen major cities later, here’s the headline from DV.

Anne holds up the newspaper, whose banner headline says,


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