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By Alan B. Combs with an added comment cascade from usenet’s alt.callahans..

Channel surfing these days will almost inevitably bring you across a discussion of the writings of Michel Nostradamus, the famous French seer of the 16th Century, the one who many folks feel wrote amazing and accurate prophesies of the events of our times.

An example of one of his more famous quatrains (Century #2 Quatrain #24), translated from the French, is:

Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers:
The greater part of the region will be against the Hister,
The great one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage,
When the German child will observe nothing.

Such writings are claimed to be so ambiguous, of course, that they are open to widely varied interpretations. The quatrain above is said by some to refer to Hitler and the Second World War.

To me this is just too much of a stretch. It appears much more likely to be a prophesy of the women’s liberation movement against ferocious male chauvinists — hungry beasts whose wives have quit cooking for them, and the Hersters courageous struggle against the Histers, a modern movement that is currently much ignored in Germany. The third line can only refer to the political efforts of Jeremy Irons and Nicholas Cage in furthering such agendas. Nostradamus was clearly prescient, given proper interpretation, don’t you see?

The quatrain is not totally clear, however. There are so many self-appointed “Great Ones” these days that my studies have not yet revealed definitively to whom these lines refer, but that will come with more work.

Be that as it may, we should be aware that certain criminal elements of Italian/Sicilian ethnic extraction have become very jealous of the success of the French Seer. They point out there are even more successful writings by a certain disreputable monk writing in the sewers of Palermo. I haven’t gotten copies of these writings, yet, but they are reputed to describe such things as modern methods of heroin production, distribution, and marketing. The predictions about cocaine production from certain Central American countries, written down even before these countries existed, are frighteningly accurate. The mechanics of profitable white slavery and winning local elections without having to deal with any stinkin’ popular vote are said to be spelled out in great and accurate detail.

As these writings become better known, they too will appear on the Discovery Channel. And almost as certainly, their author will become known as the Cosa Nostradamus.

I thought Cosanostradamus was the guy who predicted with amazing accuracy how his enemies would die?

Fax Paladin


Obviously, this refers to a pack of feral cats (Hister) moving from one area of Los Angeles to another after a huge rain storm. The streets get flooded, which accounts for the reference to “swim across rivers”. “An iron cage” cannot be anything other then those cages used to trap ferals and alter them before releasing them again. “The German Child” is, of course, the Alpine Village Shopping Center, which will ignore the cats so as not to be obliged to feed them.

What do they teach kids in school these days?

Harry Andruschak

to reply to this i had to google “hister” and “german child”. of the many hits the most likely seems to be a type of beetle. German child likewise had many hits bit “Antique German Child or Doll Tea Set” seemed to me to be the most aplicable.

at first second and third glance it seems to be utterly illogical nonsense.

at fourth glance some questions are raised:

why would a hungry beast swim across a river and not stop to take a drink?
why is the region unspecified and why does it hate The Beetles?
the great one? surely Jackie Gleason never drug any iron cage.

now of course the lack of observance by the german child can be atributed to the fact that her eyes are painted on.

at fifth glance it’s only 4/5ths nonsense

Tim Perry

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