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This Week’s Pun-Off Warm Up

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Gary Hallock chimes in with info on this week’s O.Henry Pun-Off pre-event.

Hello again Punsters,

Pictures from last Friday

Last week’s warm-up at Opal’s was simply divine! This was just the sort of gathering I’d been lounging for all along. Over the coarse of 4 hours we collected a total of 17 people who came just to agitate and entertain me. (Isn’t that what it’s all about?) We made many new friends and passed around quite a few PunSlingers trial topics. Several of our visitors were neophytes and I am always happy when we can spill a bit of new blood. (Hope we didn’t frighten anyone off!) Thanks everyone for renewing my enthusiasm! But wait! There’s more!

This week I’ll be hosting one last warm-up date for all youse guise & goils. You know you want this and Lord knows you need it. Don’t make me send the goons to knock down your door.

Pun-Off Warmup

This Friday, (May 14) we’ll be holding court at THE BAKEHOUSE Restaurant & Bar in south Austin (Bubbaland) at 5404 Manchaca Rd. The BAKEHOUSE owner, Carl Zapffe, has been a long-time supporter of our contest and I really want to steer him a bit of business when I can. As usual I’ll be arriving early (5:30) and staying late. (10:30) I’ll be wearing my usual stars ‘n’ stripes shirt so you’ll easily recognize me even if I don’t know you.

Carl likes to brag that his restaurant has always advertised with a pun (Savor the Planet) and his cuisine truly is truly international. For menu and directions consult the URL above.

Next week? The Punster Dinner (Roasting of Steve Brooks) will take place at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse. (Friday, May 21 – 6-10pm) We still have a few seats laughed for this event, but you WILL NEED TO SIGN UP IN ADVANCE. If you failed to check off that box when you registered as a contestant, you can contact me privately and I can adjust that for you. Seating for this event will be limited, so YOU MUST let me know if you plan to attend. (E-mails only please)

Note: Pictures are from last Friday’s warm up event.

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