The Will

This was published on the groaners listserv. The author is not known.

Bjorn Swensen opened his mailbox to find a letter from a law firm. Since the young man could not remember doing anything worthy of a lawsuit and as he was too desperately poor to be worth suing, he opened the envelope. Inside, he found notification that his Uncle Juan had died, and the will mentioned Bjorn.

The will stipulated that if Bjorn changed his name and became old Juan’s namesake, he would inherit millions. The young man was stymied. He was already named after an uncle whom he loved and respected.

Bjorn went to his loving girl friend, and the two tried to decide what was the moral, ethical and sane thing to do. Together, they went to a judge to find out if a name change could be temporary, and discovered it could. The young man decided he would temporarily become “Juan.”

The judge officiated the name change, and that evening the young man and his love went to dinner with her parents, whom he had never met. She introduced the young man to her mother and father, who seemed puzzled to be meeting “Juan,” instead of the “Bjorn” they had heard so much about.

“Don’t worry,” his girl friend explained quickly, . . . “He was Bjorn yesterday, and he’ll be Bjorn again next week.”

Her father replied, “Well, at least it was good that they made him keep the name for a week. I’d hate to think that . . . there was Juan Bjorn every minute!”

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