The Wall

From Gag-O-Matic , this was published on the groaners listserv.

A journalist assigned to the Jerusalem bureau takes an apartment overlooking the Western Wall. Every day when she looks out, she sees an old Jewish man praying vigorously.

So the journalist goes down and introduces herself to the old man. She asks, “You come every day to the wall. How long have you done that and what are you praying for?”

The old man replies, “I have come here to pray every day for 25 years. In the morning I pray for world peace and then for the brotherhood of man. I go home, have a cup of tea, and I come back and pray for the eradication of illness and disease from the earth.”

The journalist is amazed. “How does it make you feel to come here every day for 25 years and pray for these things?” she asks.

The old man looks at her sadly. “Like I’m talking to a wall.”

Comment from Stan Kegel: This joke is almost always posted with a woman journalist speaking to the Orthodox Jewish man. This would never happen. There are separate areas of the wall for men and women. The man would not even acknowledge the presence of any woman there, let alone speak to her.

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