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Bennett Cerf was one of the patron saints of shaggy dog stories and this story is attributed to him. A version also can be found in Himie Koshevoy’s “Treasure Jest of Best Puns”.

In the world of racehorses the thoroughbred, even though he is king, does not have much of a chance to enjoy his coltishness. Not long after he is born his training for the track begins.

After his owner has watched him gambolling about the pasture beside his mare he decides that the young prospect should be taught the meaning of the bridle and bit. Before he knows it the young one is hard at work, sprinting, being broken from the starting gate and realizing he must respond with speed to a jockey’s command.

The colt’s pleasant pasture time has become a thing of the past and very soon he realizes … that a foal and his mummy are soon parted.

Brian asks:

If Bennett Cerf was one of the patron saints of shaggy dog stories, does that make people who visit this site “web cerfers”?

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