The Story of the Silent Monks

Thanks to Revdave6 (AOL) whose critique greatly helped this story.

There is a monastery near Aspen, Colorado, called Snowmass. All the monks have taken a vow of silence. They rarely speak. Each day begins with morning worship. The service starts when the head abbot comes in and chants, “Good morning.”

The monks chant in reply, “Good morning.”

They say not another word until evening vespers, when the head abbot comes in and chants, “Good evening.”

The monks all reply in unison, “Good evening.” Not another word is spoken until the next morning.

Several years ago one of the monks decided he had to break up the boredom of this routine. The next morning when the head abbot chanted, “Good morning,” all the other monks responded, “Good morning”, except the one bored monk who, hiding his identity from the other monks, chanted, “Good evening.”

Quickly, the head abbot sang in reply: “Some-one chanted evening. He must be a stranger.”

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  1. Al

     /  June 22, 2010

    This was a prize winning pun some time ago, with the punch line being:
    “Some Monk chanted ‘Evening’! He must be a Stranger.”

    Enjoyed seeing it again.


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