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The Sheik

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By Clynch Varnadore [Clynch_Varnadore@selinc.com] via PUNY [puny@egroups.com]

There was a sheik who had a fairly large sheikdom including the usual perks such as cows, chickens, harems, etc.

One day he returned from a trip to find that another sheik had attacked his home, stealing all his animals, destroying his castle, and (horrors!) taking all his women! His only recourse, in his mind, was to end his life. He took a camel and went alone into the desert.

As he was preparing to shoot himself, a nomad came and questioned why he was doing this. The sheik answered, “I’ve lost everything! Everything that makes a sheik a sheik!”

“You mean…” the nomad answered.

“Yes!” the sheik screamed in reply, “No harem, no fowl!”

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