The Reunion

An original by Bob Levi.

Two former classmates, Louise and Jennifer, had been good friends and renewed acquaintances while attending their 25th high school reunion. They hadn’t seen each other since high school and of course wanted to catch up on what had happened to each of them.

Louise told about getting a job at the local factory and marrying Harry who had been a few years older than she was. Louise mentioned that she had had four kids and they all were now grown and doing well and on their own. Louise asked about Jennifer’s life since high school.

Jennifer told Louise that she too had married a fellow a few years older and she had taken a job at a different factory in town. However, they only had one child. “His name is Hubert,” related Jennifer, “but we call him Hugh for short.” “He recently graduated from college and he’s the first in both our families to get a higher education,” Jennifer proudly declared. “Let me show you his graduation picture.”

So, Jennifer takes out a recent picture of Hubert in his cap and gown. Louise was smitten by Hubert’s good looks and told Jennifer how handsome he was. Louise reflected on Hubert’s gorgeous appearance and exclaimed, “Oh, Hugh must have been a beautiful baby!”

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