The Rancher’s Will

I can remember this excellent pun from my callow yoot. No one ever seemed to get the punchline. This version appears in Himie Koshevoy’s “Treasure Jest of Best Puns.

Mamie Webser, widowed early in her marriage, carried on working her husband’s cattle ranch and for many years toiled at the arduous chores that go with raising beef for market. As the years wore on, her three big sons took on more and more of the work until she was able to retire, watch the young men labor, and the money roll in. On thing troubled her. In all those years she had never been able to think of a good name for the ranch. One day a neighbor suggested she call it “Focus.”

“Why Focus?” Mamie asked.

“It should be obvious,” she was told, “because that’s where the sons raise meat.”

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