The Politician

A would-be politician who didn’t speak well asked his friend for advice. His friend said, “You should start with a question like, ‘Why are we all here?'”

The politician tried out the idea before various audiences, and everything went well until he somehow got persuaded to speak to the inmates of an insane asylum. He began in his usual way, “Why are we all here?”

Quick as a flash came back a reply from a voice in the audience: “Because we aren’t all there.”

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  1. well, I enjoyed it, although the phrase ‘not all there’ is not often used these days as you may be aware. My Mother used it a lot but then again she was born in 1905!

    Talking about Politicians my Mother and Father (b 1898 d 1982) often spoke of a Politiician they knew of who had spent many years on the Back Benches and had never once uttered a word..

    On one memorable and auspicious occasion he rose to his feet which created an expectant hush across the Floor.

    Clearing his throat, he uttered the Immortal Words, “There is a very cold draft in here today, can someone close the windows please?”

    Humour from a more gentle era just like your offering if you will pardon the observation.

    Thanks again. Dave


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