The little Tree

One day in the forest, a little tree got to wondering exactly what kind of tree he was. A woodpecker happened along while the little guy as he was pondering this. He asked the bird. That big tree over there looks old and wise. I bet it knows who my parents were, but it can’t hear me from here. Do you think you could fly over there and ask it if I am a son of a birch or a son of a beech? The little bird agreed and flew off. He was gone for quite a while. When he returned, the little tree asked expectedly for the reply and the bird said “I don’t know, but that was the best piece of ash I’ve had my pecker in, in a while!”

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  1. Josh

     /  February 28, 2015

    Well, Alan B. Combs… several things here strike me as very interesting… firstly fantastic feghoot, second, you posted this in 1996? thirdly, nineteen years and have just made the first comment!!

  2. Well, to be honest, the dates on anything before 2005 or so (whenever it was we switched to WordPress) are approximate. This was a very early one, however.

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