The Knights

By Bob Dvorak Via: PUNY .

In a kingdom in a faraway land, at least for some of us, there lived a king who wasn’t too imaginative naming his knights — and thus they all bore caricatural names.

There was Horny Knight, and Sleepy Knight, and Dopey Knight, and Bashful Knight, and, well, you get the idea. But his right-hand-man was the one who was FAR more serious than the others, and could usually be counted upon to help in policy matters.

So the king ruminated on how to attack the neighboring kingdom, which had been tried, without success, many times before. And he finally sought the advice of this aide.

“Let me sleep on it,” the knight replied. The next morning he presented his plan, whereupon the king immediately launched a successful attack.

When asked how he devised this plan, he replied that it came “Amid Somber Knight’s Dream.”

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