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The French and Lance Armstrong

Category: Politically Incorrect

Tom Vickery sent this item, one quite representative of anti-French invective going around the internet these days.

PARIS, France — Lance Armstrong’s record setting seventh Tour de France victory, along with his entire Tour de France legacy, may be tarnished by what could turn out to be one of the greatest sports scandals of all time. Armstrong is being quizzed by French police after three banned substances were found in his South of France hotel room while on vacation after winning the 2005 Tour de France. The three substances found were toothpaste, deodorant, and soap, items which have been banned by French authorities for over 75 years. Armstrong’s girlfriend and American rocker Sheryl Crowe is quoted as saying “we are both users”. Along with these three banned substances, French authorities also found several other items that they have never seen before, including a backbone and testicles.

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