The Five Fundamental Forces

My son Brian sent me this short treatise on the Five Fundamental Forces in the Universe. Hmmm. OK, Einsteins, I wonder who’s playing this week.

1.   Strong Force:
description: the force that holds the nucleus of atoms together
relative strength: 1
range: 10^-15 meters

2.   Electromagnetic Force:
description: attraction/repulsion of charges
relative strength: 1/137
range: infinite

3.   Weak Force:
description: neutrino interaction… induces beta decay in atoms
relative strength: 10^-5
range: 10^-17 meters

4.   Gravity:
description: the attraction between two bodies
relative strength: 6×10^-39
range: infinite

5.   OU:
description: OU sucks
relative strength: infinite
range: inescapable

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