The Evil Magician Debush

The author of this tale is not known.

Prince Phillip was a musician of great renown. One day, he was captured by the evil magician Debush and held for torture and ransom. The prince despaired of ever escaping.

One night, one of the magician’s magic stockings came to him. “I am a captive like yourself” the sock declared. “If I help you escape, will you give me my freedom?”

“Yes, certainly,” said the amazed prince. The stocking grew in size until the prince could fit inside, and together they made their escape. The prince was true to his word, and granted the sock its freedom. The sock went on to be a leader in the free socks movement. In addition, the prince wrote a song about his adventure. The song became very popular, particularly for its stirring first line:

“Sock of mages, crept to me. Let me hide myself in thee…”

Charlotte Herzele responded:

Mock of sages, Let thee hide thyself and flee.

Good Grief.

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