The Clown

This was posted on the groaners listserv. The author is unknown.

A clown moved into an apartment block reserved solely for circus performers. He liked everything about the apartment. The kitchen was modern, the bedroom was comfortable and the lounge was spacious. And there were plenty of facilities — cooker, Hoover, refrigerator, washing machine.

The only thing that was missing was an ironing board, something on which he could press his circus uniform after washing ft. “Why is there no ironing board?” he asked the agent. “The lion tamer and the juggler have both got one.” “You use the window ledge, like the other clowns,” explained the agent. “It’s in your contract. Every clown has a sill for ironing.”

Chris Cole adds the following rejoinder:

Once our clown gets over being temporarily steamed and finally presses onward to master the iron it will once and for all prove his mettle.

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