The Carjacker

This variant on an old theme was posted on the groaners listserv.

One day the police department of Podunk City received an “all-points bulletin” that the state police were looking for a particularly vicious carjacker who operated out of the parking lots of retail stores. They posted the information on the board and Chief Small asked his officers to keep their eye out, especially at their brand new 10-store shopping center — but to no avail.

The eventually got just two more pieces of information. First all these carjackings were dome by one lone male, and secondly the man spoke with a definite middle-European accent. Perhaps the man was from Prague.

In the meantime the town fathers and mothers were debating about selling their shopping center to a big chain. Eventually, the details were worked out and the deal went through. The shopping center was enlarged and closed in to permit more comfortable shopping. The parking lot was enlarged and the whole center was renamed Podunk City.

As soon as Chief Small saw the new shopping center, he assigned all three of his night force to patrol the new parking lot. The next day they caught the perpetrator!

The Mayor called the chief into his office and congratulated him and his staff for a job well done. When he asked the Chief how he had done it, the Chief said that it was simple deduction. He was sure that the Czech was in the mall!

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