The Burial

By Gilbert Krebs

One day, an Army Sergeant called two Privates to his office. “Men,” he said, “I need you two to bury one of our mules that has died. It’s over at the edge of the field so when you bury it, make sure you level everything off so the grass will grow back.”

The two Privates, really not wanting to do this chore, resigned themselves that since the Sergeant gave the order, they must follow his instructions. They picked up a couple of shovels at the supply depot and made their way to the assigned spot.

As they were digging, one of the Privates said, ‘This ain’t no mule, it’s a donkey.”

“Not so,” said the other one. “The Army only has mules as pack animals. A mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse, so what are are burying is a mule.”

The argument about mule vs. donkey got heated and their voices got louder and louder, and soon they were shouting, one yelling “mule” and the other yelling “donkey.” While they were digging, an Army Chaplain was passing by and called over to see what the shouting was all about.

Pointing to the carcass awaiting burial, one shouted, “He calls this animal a donkey and I say it’s a mule. The Army only uses mules, right Chaplain?”

The chaplain walked over to the animal and looked at it. After a minute he said, “Both of you are wrong. According the the Bible, it’s an ass. That should settle the argument.”

The men continued digging, but in silence, each angry that their view had been disproved by the Chaplain. As they continued to work, a Captain saw the men digging and shouted over, “Are you guys digging a post hole?”

The Privates looked at each other and aswered in unison, “Not according to the Bible.”

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