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The Bad Judge

Category: Rated G

Sue Lemcke sent me this a while ago. It’s overdue for the collection.

Once upon a time there was a Judge who set a very bad example. He took bribes, he suborned witnesses, he fell asleep on the bench, but somehow there never was quite enough evidence to indict him and put him away.

One day, the Judge wanted roast pheasant for supper. Of course, it wasn’t pheasant season, but that didn’t bother him at all. He just went out to the nearest National Park with his shotgun and proceeded to bag a fine pair of cock pheasants.

As he was strolling along back to his car with his trophies, he spied a game warden in the distance. The judge knew that he shouldn’t be caught with the evidence of poaching pheasants out of season. He noticed a hollow log nearby, shoved the carcasses into the opening, sat down on top, and attempted to look innocent.

The warden didn’t buy his act, found the pheasants, and arrested the Judge. The charge?

“Male Pheasants in Orifice”

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