The Aggie Scientific Method

The author of this shaggy little story is unknown.

An Aggie scientist is doing experiments on a frog, trying to find out the effects of cutting its legs off.

The Aggie saws the first leg off and says, “Jump, frog, jump.” The frog jumps five feet. The Aggie makes a note: With three legs, frog jumps five feet.

The Aggie then saws off another leg and says, “Jump, frog jump!” The frog jumps one foot. The Aggie makes a note: With two legs, frog jumps one foot.

Finally, the Aggie saws off the last foot and says, “Jump, frog jump! … Jump, frog jump! … Jump, frog jump!”

The Aggie scientist makes a note: With no legs, frog goes completely deaf.

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  1. Charles

     /  May 17, 2010

    This was obviously written by an Aggie who couldn’t count. Saw three legs off from a four legged frog and you get a frog with one leg, not none. ….. To me that was the most hilarious part of the joke.

  2. Ouch. I may be an Aggie as well, as I entered the joke and didn’t catch that!

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