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The 33 1/3rd Annual O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships

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When: Saturday, May 22, 2010. Festivities begin at 11am, with competition starting at noon.
Where: Brush Square Park, behind the O.Henry Museum (409 East Fifth Street, Austin, TX 78701)

The Pun-Off World Championships are a celebration of the lowest form of humor in high style. Since 1977, punsters from around the world have gathered in Brush Square Park, behind the O. Henry Museum, to razzle-dazzle upwards of a thousand onlookers with their wordplay wars.

The punsters compete in two categories: “Punniest of Show,” wherein contestants perform 90-second rehearsed bits, and “Punslingers,” which involves a rapid-fire exchange of puns between contestants, until one is left speechless.

The event will include live music, BBQ, and a book sale. Admission is free. For more information including how to register, contact Michael Hoinski or visit punpunpun.com.

All competiion slots are already full, but the punny and brave may also register as a contestant and be added to their waiting list. Tarzan’s Tripes accepts no responsibility for the humiliation entrants might suffer.

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