Tennis, anyone, Alfred, Lord?

This comes from the impatiently beautiful Scarlett, or the beautifully impatient Scarlett. At least one of those, anyway.

You may not know this, but Fidel Castro was a great fan of the sport of tennis. In fact, he once arranged an exhibition match featuring the famous Bjorn Borg, of Sweden and Johnny Mac. Of course, he, himself wanted to play against the famous Borg. Fidel had not been on the courts for awhile, so for about a month before the scheduled arrival of the famous tennis players, he began to train, and he lost about 20 lbs and became somewhat buff. However, he had not yet perfected running down the famous Johnny Mac drop shots and was still working on agility and still losing fat when Borg and McEnroe arrived in Havana.

Well, as luck would have it, McEnroe’s plane landed in a small villa about 10 miles south of Havana, and Fidel came up with the perfect plan to delay the match and get his game in shape. He sent Bjorn Borg to the little villa down south to find McEnroe and bring him back. So, of course

Fidel narrowed while Bjorn roamed.

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