Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots

The Web's Original Shaggy Dog Story Archive

Tiff Wimberly

  • Scream of Wheat (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on August 20, 2005)
  • Heroes To The Occasion (filed in Rated G on May 22, 2004)
  • Starring Auntie Em as the Good Witch, Glinda (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Pun Cascade, Puns, Rated G on January 25, 2004)
  • The Mole (filed in Rated G on August 1, 2003)
  • Cliff Notes, Anyone? (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on June 23, 2003)
  • Hannibal (filed in Gatling Puns, Puns, Rated PG on June 14, 2003)
  • How About a Cold One? (filed in Adult Theme, P.U.N.Y. listserv, Pun Cascade on )
  • Cipro Inevitable (filed in Rated G on October 29, 2001)