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Hanna Bull

This is by Sean Broderick, worthy son of a dear friend.

Alan: I just returned from a quick trip to Naples, Italy. Joined some friends to visit the town of Cusano Mutri to attend their annual Porcini Mushroom festival, and on the way we stopped to view a bridge allegedly built by Hannibal while transporting his elephants through the region. Now there are issues with the story, not least being that the river can be crossed on foot, and it’s … Read the rest...

Staying Out of Trouble at the Zoo

In response to the recent A Tall Ship Tale No. 8, Sean Broderick sent me the following very shaggy tale he wrote. His momma seems to have raised him properly. Now, if certain of our so-called leaders could take it to heart.

As long as we’re breaking Camels’ backs, Mom and Dad tell me that you’ll appreciate knowing about the difficulties that the World-Famous San Diego Zoo has in collecting certain animals for exhibit.

Seems there’s a particular wild … Read the rest...