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Something’s Fishy

This excellent tall tale first appeared on alt.callahans. It is by Sam Voeller.

1 July 2002

For the past few days, a song my maternal grandfather used to sing has been running through my mind. It has to do with a momma fish and her baby fishes swimming around and making their way over an obstacle. There is a line of nonsense (sort of akin to jazz scat, maybe), that my mind has perverted, and now needs to create a … Read the rest...

Future’s Tense

The two tales told herein are all over the internet. The author of the first one is not known.

It is not well known, but before moving to an island and conducting bizzare DNA experiments, Doctor Moreau was once a prominent audiologist.

He had set up a clinic in the small town of Stapes, France and it wasn’t long before his research led him to discover the means by which even those with severe hearing loss could once again appreciate … Read the rest...

Best Laid Plans

This was posted by Sam Voeller on alt.callahans. The author is unknown.

To begin this story, we must imagine an English castle under siege by a large part of the French Army. Not only was the castle under siege, but large scaling ladders were being built in full sight of the defenders. It did look bleak for the good guys.

In the nick of time, one of the defenders, Sir Bedevere, offered to bring in a large family of jokesters … Read the rest...