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Rat Salad

From a Local Talk Show.

One of the topics on an October 2006 Sam and Bob Austin call-in-show was a discussion about the Dallas Cowboy coach whose wife and au pair claimed to have found a small rat in a take-home salad from Mickie D’s.

The conversation turned to what type of salad dressing would be appropriate with a rat salad. Bleu Cheese was suggested because rodents like cheese.

The best suggestion by a caller, however, was vinaigratt.

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New Viagra Gum

From Sam and Bob in The Morning, a popular radio program in Austin.

Local Austin talk hosts Sam and Bob were talking this morning about a new pharmaceutical product reputed to be under development — chewing gum containing Viagra. They got around to discussing who the manufacturer most likely would be. The consensus choice was the Wrigley Company.… Read the rest...

Round Rock Express

Sam Allred and Bob Cole are morning country CJs (there ain’t no DJs no more, you realize) on a weekday morning talk program here in Austin.

Next item you need to know — there is an AA level professional baseball club (the Round Rock Express) that plays in one of Austin’s bedroom communities. It is owned by Nolan Ryan and his son and it really is a high class operation.

Bob was telling us how he went to the very … Read the rest...