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Athletics on Mount Olympus

I received this one from Richard P. Stymans, a faithful contributor. The original version was published in C&C News.

Joseph Matt of Downers Grove, Ill, recalls a historic milestone of baseball that appeared in 1988 in _The Stirring Rod_, the newsletter of the Chicago Chemists’ Club. The scene was Mount Olympus, where Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, had thrown a party for a pair of visiting Roman deities — Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, and Janus, the two-faced god … Read the rest...

Beethoven’s Sympathy

I received this from Richard P. Stymans who received it from George Cooper. Mel Kozlowski also sent a very similar story.

A number of years ago, the Seattle Symphony was doing “Beethoven’s Ninth” under the baton of Milton Katims….

At this point, you must understand two things: First, there’s a long segment in this symphony where the bass violins don’t have a thing to do, not a single note for page after page. Second, there used to be a tavern … Read the rest...