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To Be, or Maybe Not

This is by Ray Meluch . Thank you.

While hiking in the Rockies with my wife’s family, we became stranded overnight on a high peak. We survived on nothing but stream water and a few handfuls of raisins. We found our way down the next morning, but it was a harrowing experience. Even today, I imagine that I owe my very life to those raisins. As a matter of fact, my wife still refers to me as her raisin debtor.… Read the rest...

Po’ Boy

Archive submission from Ray Meluch. Thanks, Ray.

In a poor, rural farming province of China, a gas station sold its gas for 150 yen per liter. Those few who had cars often would barter their produce for the gas, instead of paying in cash. This worked, provided the gas station manager allowed it, since, he couldn’t always use the motley collection of foodstuffs that would come in. A local cook, Chef Po, was renowned for a special heavy cream sauce, … Read the rest...