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Beating About the Bush

By Phil Hudson

A friend of mine (who is very indecisive) offered to take care of the garden while I went on holiday. He’s no professional green-fingers, but the price was right.

Anyhow, when I returned home, I noticed that the two rows of shrubbery that used to run around the perimeter of the garden were blatantly sliced down. I was very angry at the action taken, so I went up to my ‘friend’ and demanded an explaination.

The only … Read the rest...

Animal Transplants

This is by Phil Hudson.

A friend of mine worked for a vet as a courier, delivering animal parts to other practices. Anyhow, he had an emergency case with a seabird who had too much alcohol to drink and needed a new organ. Across the country he rushed with the organ, and he had many adventures on the way.

These adventures were written as a story when my friend retired — entitled “Gull Liver’s travels.”… Read the rest...

Double-Booked Hall

This is by Phil Hudson. It was posted on the groaners listserv.

A year-long argument was finally settled a few days ago with a conference in the Mayor’s office. The situation involved a double-booking of the Town Hall, with a computer trade show and a Shakespeare appreciation society performance. After hearing talks from both parties, the Mayor and the town’s entertainment committee discussed the matter and decided to let the Shakespeare appreciation society use the hall for their performance. It … Read the rest...

German Barbeque Incident

By Phil Hudson

Last week, a German man was rushed to hospital after a serious accident at a barbeque. The unfortunate incident occurred when he was cooking the final sausage for a guest.

Due to the high workload of the staff at the hospital, he was not seen by a doctor until yesterday. The doctor has now made an analysis on his condition, stating that he’s taken a “burn for the wurst”.… Read the rest...

Camp Lecturers

This is by Phil Hudson.

When the summer holidays came, the lecturers at the Open University had the chance to go on a camping and sightseeing trip across the UK. However, this meant that the participants would not get paid during the duration of the holiday, and only a couple of lecturers ended up going on the trip.

The trip itself was very extensive – from Lands End to John O’ Groates, with plans to see many famous sites, including … Read the rest...

The Clowns

This tale is by Phil Hudson.

In the big top tent, Coco and Fuzzy were talking about their laundry. After Coco had pressed his new costume and placed it to the side, Fuzzy asked about the colour of the garment.

“Why did you choose a shiny grey coloured costume? Why did you press it so perfectly? I don’t press my costume at all! It doesn’t seem the sort of thing a circus fool would do”, Fuzzy questioned.

“Well, I’ve been … Read the rest...