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Heart Attack (Adult Groaner)

This is by Paul Croft. It was published several places, including the groaners listserv.

The rescue squad was called to the home of an elderly couple for an apparent heart attack the gentleman had. When the squad got there it was too late, the man had died.

While consoling the wife one of the rescuers noticed that the bed was a mess. He asked the lady what symptoms the man had suffered and if anything had precipitated the heart attack.… Read the rest...

The Photographer

From: Paul Croft []. Paul asks that we provide a link to his humor ezine Pure Humor, or a link to his home page. Thanks, Paul.

This celebrity is taking a shower. He has made it known to the public that he is celibate, and is firm on that fact. Even so, he occasionally feels the need to “release some built up tension”, and this is one of these occasions.

Just as he is finishing with himself, he … Read the rest...