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The Weapon

his is by PaTRICK hesTER of PUNY.

Anyone familiar with the British comedy team Monty Python may remember a skit where soldiers were being taught to defend themselves against an enemy armed with a banana (drop the 16 ton weight on them), or a handful of grapes (release the tiger). One soldier was concerned about how to defend against an enemy armed with a pointed stick.

Well, that was a long time ago, and those craft Englishmen have kept up … Read the rest...

This Little Piggy

The idea for this shaggy dog came from paTRICK heSTER who published the punchline on the P.U.N.Y. listserv.

Medically these days, we have to worry not only about human diseases, but diseases of our companion and service animals. The possibility of the prions responsible for mad cow disease being transmitted to humans is of considerable recent notoriety in the media. Oprah has just been the tip of the iceberg, to mix a metaphor. Iowa pig farmers have an additional worry … Read the rest...

Silent Treatment

This one comes from paTRICK heSTER of P.U.N.Y.

There once was this veterinarian (not to be confused with Heinrich Himmler, a veteran Aryan) who couldn’t afford a proper waste disposal system, and used a regular kitchen trash can to get rid of specimens, an unsanitary practice forbidden by law. One day a customer refused to get his animal vaccinated for rabies and the vet reported him to the local authorities. As a payback, the dog’s owner reported the veterinarian to … Read the rest...

A Touch Of Olive

This little story by paTRICK heSTER was the winner in a recent pun contest (Punsters United Nearly Yearly — P.U.N.Y.). The topic was nautical puns. It may not come at first, but it is worth the effort.

This squinty eyed sailor with big bulgy arm muscles walks into his favorite bar. The owner, a German gentleman named Josef Mann, greets him with a frosty cold mug of beer. The innkeeper says “Our specials tonite are cheeseburgers or chicken pot pie. … Read the rest...

Feathered Shaggy Dog

Generally, I find that people do not have a great deal of respect for the beneficial effects of poultry in our society. This is a shame, because we could go on and on about our feathered friends and what they have done for us. For example, during the American revolution, the colonists used hens to sniff out red-coat sympathizers. Thus, was born chicken cacciatore.

PaTRICK HeSTER replied to this story with the following source information.


This was ripped

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