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Alt.callahans is a virtual usenet bar where joys, sorrows, and opinions are shared in a (generally) friendly environment. And shaggy dog stories! People post their most dreadful (best; same thing) puns. Frequently when one is posted, this brings back punish responses. The thread usually dies when the definitive pun is posted. This is one such topper — originally posted by Matthew T. Russotto. You do have to get into a science fiction mood. Thiotimoline was an endochronic substance proposed by … Read the rest...

Medical Breakthrough!

This little gem was posted in alt.callahans by Matthew T. Russotto. Thanks.

It so happens that I work in the same building as a major drug company. Recently, I overheard a conversation between a couple of their employees involving a cure for a particular type of brain tumor. It seems this is a type developed early in life, is invariably inoperable, and does not respond to radiation therapy. It progressively grows larger, eventually producing blindness, paralysis, and death.

Happily, the … Read the rest...