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Poetry Contest

This was sent to us by Matthew A. Givens [].

For many years, Pierre was universally proclaimed to be the best poet in the world. He relished this, and basked in the adoration bestowed upon him by an adoring public. But this all ended when Antonio appeared. This new poet took the world by storm, and debate raged hotly as to who was the best poet: Pierre or Antonio. Finally, they decided to settle it with a direct competition.

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The Donkey Racetrack

This was sent to us by Matthew Givens.

Animal races being a popular way of making money, Robert Jenkins decided to capitalize on the trend. He built a nice facility with a large track, concessions, betting windows, and a special area for reporters. The first year earnings were disappointing, though, because people were used to dog and horse races, so he decided to try something different.

The word went out that Jenkins’ track would be offering donkey racing. After a … Read the rest...