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Walter Cronkite

This is by Martin Baker who tells us the following.

Dear Sir, I need to advise you of a nefarious plot by one of our greatest news agencies. I discovered that they tried to clone Walter Cronkite, but after creating the embryo and implanting it into the host mother, they discovered, that they were going to be producing twins. I therefore shall go and drink to absolve myself of my awareness of this heinous act of replication, thereby making of … Read the rest...

News From the Theocracy

Another quickie by Martin Baker.

The Ayatollah has appointed a new chieftain to a new post, placing him in charge of surreptitious nocturnal abductions. The new post is “Imam for all seizings.”… Read the rest...

Francis, Key to the Ship

This was posted by kwiz (aka Martin Baker) on alt.callahans. The author is unknown.

The short stocky gentleman appears from a corner carrying a leather bag which clanks alarmingly as he aproaches the bar. He pauses, removes several glittering gold sovereigns, places them in the cigar box on the bar, then appropriates a bottle of Glenbannock and heads for a table….

“All this talk of tall ships reminds me of the good ship Intercoursus, out of Thermopylae. The foredeck crew, … Read the rest...