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Roamin’ Tale

This is by Linda Wilkinson (aka Blessing) on alt.callahans.

Blessing is floating near the end of bar, chatting with the marine, when she notices a Mallard enter the bar. The Mallard catches her attention immediately due to its odd colouration. Instead of the standard feather hue, this creature is a light blue with a touch of green. The Mallard hops up on a stool and orders a drink.

“Bill” she whispers to the marine “are my ears playing tricks or … Read the rest...


This was posted by Blessing (AKA Linda Wilkinson) on alt.callahans. It started a cascade of punish responses that I can only describe as going downhill from there.

Long ago, as most stories start, there was a king who was adept at the art of politics. The monarchy was a game he played well even to the point of being a little bloodthirsty. He governed many large territories, and as a result his court was full of emissaries and ambassadors. Truth … Read the rest...

Olde Him

I received this from Linda Wilkinson (aka Blessing) who said, “This hurts so bad that I had to share it with you all. Hugs.” It was originally written by Burt Kettinger.

An old man lived with his hound-dog, Mace, in a run-down shack on the outskirts of town. He had no family and only a few meager possessions: a table and chair, a bed, a bag of hand tools, and his dog. He used the tools to do odd jobs … Read the rest...