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Puns On The Animal Kingdom

This is a recent series of puns on the PUNY listserv.

What’s a large animal that, when it walks back and forth, back and forth, and makes you very sleepy to look at it?
A hypnopotamus!

Cyn (MacGregor)
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What greeting in a nudest camp makes you think of an animal?
A Buff Hello

Stan (Kegel)
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Q: What does the father Buff Hello say when he drops his kid off at … Read the rest...

Shaggy Viagra

This is by “Lars Hanson” [] Via: “PUNY” [].

During my conference in Memphis last week, the subject of drugs and flying came up. It turns out that Viagra can adversely affect eyesight, and therefore should not be used if one is flying. How does it affect eyesight? By redirecting the bloodflow elsewhere, it reduces the blood going to the eyes.

Without missing a beat, Al Spinelli, there from Naples, Italy, declared, “It’s a clear case of robbing Paul to … Read the rest...