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Kirk Miller was the Punniest of Show winner in the 2009 O. Henry Pun-Off.

Memo to Customer Service

From Kirk Miller and posted to


This proves two things: 1) you’re not the only one who gets crappy service from your ISP, and 2) the Brits get better educations than most Americans, enabling them to write damned fine letters of complaint.

(NTL is a cable operator in Britain.)

Dear Cretins,

I have been an NTL customer since 9th July 2001, when I signed up for your 3-in-one deal for cable TV, cable modem, and … Read the rest...

Limerick Challenge No. 27

Cynthia MacGregor is the moderator for a punsters weekly limerick challenge. She says, “Your challenge for Lim-ber Your Mind #27 was: Write a limerick whose first line is:

“If happiness you are pursuing”

The entries:

If happiness you are pursuing,
Try to willing maid be a-wooing,
But hedge wedding bet,
A prenuptial get,
To help when ex-wife comes a-suing.

—-Chris Papa

If happiness you are pursuing
But your spouse has threatened her suing
Don’t run and hide
To choose a … Read the rest...


This is from Kirk Miller, one of the participants in P.U.N.Y. It certainly fits my prejudices.

Silicon Valley, CA, 10-23-08:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Software (PETS) announced today
that seven more software companies have been added to the group’s
“watch list” of companies that regularly practice software testing.
“There is no need for software to be mistreated in this way so that
companies like these can market new products,” said Ken Granola,
spokesperson for PETS. “Alternative methods of … Read the rest...

Curmudgeon’s Valentine’s Day!

This was posted on PUNY by Kirk Miller; it's very much like the old comic valentines.