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An Aggie in Paris

The Aggie business graduate had been out of school for several years. He had established a furniture store in College Station and was doing quite well. He decided to expand the lines he carried by adding some expensive French furniture he knew no one else in town carried. He scheduled a buying trip to France. The Aggie’s first day in Paris was very successful and he found a number of pieces he thought he could profitably sell back home.

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Shaggy Lobsters

This was sent to us by Karen James who said, “Thanks to Dave……”

Two lobsters were sunbathing on the beach. The lady lobster suggested that the gentleman lobster to get them an ice cream each. Having purchased two ice cream cones Mr. Lobster made his way back to the beach, deciding on the way to eat his ice cream.

By the time he finished the ice cream he realized that his lady friend’s ice cream had started to melt all … Read the rest...

The Old West

This was sent to me by Karen James and by Bev McGuire. It is making the rounds, so I will send it out quickly. The author is not known.

Historians of the Old West have recently discovered that Annie Oakley, famed sharp-shooter of the Old West, had a sister.

The sister, Carrie, gained some renown in her day as a singer in various saloons throughout the West, but it was not until after her death that she became more widely … Read the rest...