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Subject: A Boston Fish Tale

From Jonathan Gordon, the spouse that hasn’t fallen far from Miss Scarlet’s daughter. The original times and sources are unknown.

A guy gets into a cab at Logan airport and asks the cabbie, “Hey, do you know where I can get scrod around here?”

The cabbie says, “Yeah, but I never heard it in the past pluperfect before!”… Read the rest...

A Cow Joke (A True Story)

By Jonathan E. Gordon. This is the second submission from Jonathan. I am about to set the hook and land the fellow.

A few weeks ago, I was hiking through the Austrian Alps with my brother. As we walked, we saw herds of cattle grazing on the grass that grew throughout the valleys, their bells all clanking out slightly different notes as they ate. Noting this, I realized that what they say is true – in Austria, the hills really … Read the rest...

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

This is by Ms. Scarlett’s son-in-law Jon Gordon.

We were watching the new Charlie & the Chocolate Factory movie the other day. Early in the film, we are told how an Indian prince asks Willy Wonka to build him a palace out of chocolate. Predictably, on the first hot day, the palace begins to melt, at which point the screen shows an image of a statue of the Hindu elephant god becoming a bit runny. At this point, I turned … Read the rest...