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Road Dents

This was posted in alt.callahans by John Barnstead.

Pernicious the Musquodoboit Harbour farm cat steps up to the chalkline, a saucer of cream balanced contemplatively on his left fore-paw. He meows, which, being interpreted, means:

Friends, I am here tonight to propose a toast in protest against the cruel exploitation to which human beings subject other animals. I need not indicate the fate of laboratory mice: after all, I wouldn’t mind meting that out MYSELF if given the opportunity. Nor … Read the rest...


This contribution comes from the incomparable John Barnstead.

Barnstead always takes a volume of German poetry along with him on the hour and a half long ride from Halifax to Wolfville, while Pernicious (John¼s cat, or the other way around) prefers a volume of Zen. Barnstead usually gets mad when Pernicious starts pestering him for a neck scritching, his slim volume already finished by the time they reach Windsor, while Barnstead is less than half way through his book. But … Read the rest...

Just the crumbs….

This is an original from Lee R. Martin. With the recent re-release of Star Wars, it becomes even more relevant. Kate (Kate M. Kulig) posted a similar version.

A father took his little girl to see Star Wars. He noticed she alternated between excitement and puzzlement. After the movie he asked her what she thought of it. She replied “Well Dad, I liked it a lot, except I couldn’t understand a word that big hairy guy said.”

He laughed and … Read the rest...