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Owl’s Well That Ends Well!

This was posted by Jerry Ulett on the groaners listserv.

One warm afternoon an owl was flying around and needed to rest so he purchased on a window sill. As luck would have it, it was the open window of a hospital where an operation was in progress and the owl got a whiff of the anesthetic, causing him to fall into the building and onto the floor.

The surgery had just ended and the doctor, hearing the sound of … Read the rest...

Computers and the A-Team

An original by Jerry Ulett. Thank you.

John and Mark of The A-Team, Inc, were noted for their abilities to solve any computer problem.

Their greatest challenge was to create a network for a company who occupied several floors of a building constructed from heavy steel and concrete.

When they succeeded, John said to Mark, “Don’t you love it when a LAN comes together?”… Read the rest...

Conflicting Messages

This was sent to us by Jerry Ulett. Thanks.

A husband was out in the backyard trying to fly a kite. The wind was a little strong and each time he would try to launch the kite, it would do a loop and dive into the ground.

His wife, who was watching his efforts from the kitchen window, opened the window and yelled to him “You need more tail!”

He looked at her and yelled back, “Every time I tell … Read the rest...

The Hidden Scroll

This was sent by Jerry Ulett who is a source of many of these things.

There was an ancient religious order who only practiced their rites in natural surroundings, never in buildings. Their favorite site was a clearing deep in a dark forest where they could celebrate their mass undisturbed.

A young member of the order wanted badly to become a priest and was given the opportunity to try out’, so to speak by demonstrating his knowledge of their mass … Read the rest...