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The late Jeff MacNeely continues to be a source of shaggy material. This is posted with permission.

A recent Sunday comic described a home owner with a sink problem in conversation with a plumber. The home owner was questioning the need for a plumber. The plumber described each of the technically difficult procedures one must do to fix such a leak. In each case, the homeowner said, “I can do that.”

Finally, the plumber left saying, “I see you can … Read the rest...

Friendly Skies

This is adapted and posted with permission from another “Shoe” cartoon by Jeff MacNeely.

As so many do, this tale also occurred in a restaurant. A frequent patron noted that another frequent customer was a brown-robed, bare-footed monk. Every day, the monk would come in and order the lunch special. And, every day, the waitress would charge him only half price. While he could appreciate the courtesy accorded to a man of the cloth, the patron felt there was a … Read the rest...

The Borsch Circuit

This one is adapted and posted with permission from a “Shoe” cartoon by the late Jeff MacNeely. He will be missed.

A local restaurant was getting into a rut. For the last few weeks, the only soup on the menu was borsch. This continued until the clientele started to complain. “When are you going to serve something else?” they asked.

The answer came, “Never. It’s borsch yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As you can see, the beet goes on.”… Read the rest...