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Jason Epstein took second place in Punslingers in the 2010 O. Henry Pun-Off.

Punniest of Show: Jason Epstein

Jason Epstein scored a very solid 37 points, just missing the awards with his riff on the names of political candidates.

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Interview: Jason Epstein

Jason is originally from New York, but spent several years in Austin after graduating from college. He lives in Seattle now, where he works in IT, plays softball, and runs marathons, when not punning.

He’s done some stand-up comedy in the past, and always jumps at the chance to sing karaoke. He believes this helps him feel comfortable with a mic in his hand in front of an audience.

Brian: When did you first become interested in puns?

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Jason Epstein, Punniest of Show Competitor

Jason Epstein competed for Punniest of Show with a series of pun-liners. The judges didn't like it as much as the crowd did, unfortunately.

Punslingers Results

Benjamin Ziek repeated as Punslingers champion. Dave Wallace took second, and Jason Epstein won third.

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Clay Leben recorded video of the competition, which he placed on LiveStream.

Watch live streaming video from punoff2010 at
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O. Henry Pun-Off 2010: Punslingers Results

The Punslingers portion of the 2010 O. Henry Pun-Off consisted of 32 contestants competing head-to-head. Contestants take the stage in pairs, and are given a topic selected randomly from a list of traditional topics. In turn, each player has five seconds to deliver, or begin delivering solid puns. This goes back and forth until one of the two either exceeds the given five seconds or accumulates three non-qualifying attempts.

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Bathroom Improvements

By Alan B. Combs.

This tale came to mind after mishearing a conversation between Jason Epstein and Jason Dias at a restaurant after a recent O. Henry International PunOff Championships. Being a little deaf can enhance marital discord, but it does lead to puns.

“It’s time to change the bathroom tile!” she said. Actually, the time was long overdue, three decades in fact. It wasn’t that I was lazy, no not ever that. Over the years I had tried removing … Read the rest...