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By Jacob Sommer [] on alt.callahans.

Jacob sits back, sipping some of his lemonade and sighs thoughtfully after listening to Hawke’s tale of wonder.

I haven’t told you folks many tales about Grandpa Sommer, have I? Now, he’s not anything like a Stonebender, but he was a mighty fine chemist. He ran his own pharmacy – chemist shoppe to those of you in England.

Grandpa Sommer liked to experiment. He made a working cold cure back in the 1930s – … Read the rest...

Tall Tale – Francis Herkell

This is by Jacob Sommer on alt.callahans.

I used to hang out with a fellah named Francis Herkell. Nice guy. He was pretty smart even if he could be a bit dumb about ladies sometimes. Of course, lots of guys are, but Francis was a bit unusual — he wore more jewelry than Mr. T. He had all sorts – necklaces, chains, all sorts of religious symbols, all in silver. I was curious about it but didn’t really want to … Read the rest...

Hi Tech Warfare

Jacob Sommer [] wrote this on alt.callahans.

Apparently they’ve been developing some pretty hi-tech weapons in the World Domination category for satellites. The nuclear bomb, the big rock, the Barney leaflets… but the most dangerous is the solar powered laser. Apparently the builders managed to make some very good capacitors capable of pumping out enormous energy and have some damn good batteries that store up… well, I believe the technical term is “a shitload of energy”.

They tested it recently … Read the rest...