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Helen of Sodom

The original pun was published by Hauke Reddmann on alt.humor.puns.

This is the old Greek tale of Helen of Sodom. She is famous in mythology because she had The Face That Launched a Thousand Sheeps.… Read the rest...

Rock On

This was originally posted by Hauke Reddmann of Germany.

Yesterday I went into an antiquarian music store, wanting to buy a Mick Jagger solo album. Unfortunatedly, I tripped, and the Jagger LP went flew out of my hand like a frisbee and broke two records featuring Jim McGuinn, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gene Clark and Michael Clarke.

Sadly, I had to pay.. As he was collecting the damages, the owner said, “You killed two Byrds with one Stone!”… Read the rest...

Rafael, et al.

This was posted by Hauke Reddmann.

Well, it was just after the end of the iron-age, when little Nimrod had his 9th birthday. His mother had baked a big cake for him. He took a bite,and said, “BAAAA! This cake is made from SHEEP! Yuck!”

His mother said astonished: “And I thought all kids would love the Tin-Age mutton Nine-Year torteletts!”… Read the rest...