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Another Nobel Effort

This was posted by Harry Farkas on alt.humor.puns.

Profesor Miller’s colleague, Professor Gonnen Dunnit of the physics
department, has spent a lifetime pursuing the as-of-yet unreachable goal of
creating cold fusion in the lab. In his latest effort, he used molecules
from vegetables to trigger the process on the atomic level.

During one attempt, it seemed that Professor Dunnit actually achieved his
goal – the process resulted in a spherical burst of energy. The professor
wrote it up and submitted … Read the rest...

Historical Confusion: A Tall Tale

By Alan B. Combs

Some times it is altogether too difficult to gain the recognition for which one is due. This sad state of affairs can be exemplified by the following misadventure.

In a nameless land long ago and far away, the people were terrorized by a terrible scourge, the Gordian Dragon. In contrast to what we have learned about such creatures, this was not a fire-breathing dragon, but, perhaps, in some ways he was worse. He was a Sneezing … Read the rest...

Shirley Temple Black

This story is by Harry Farkas.

Shirley Temple Black is back in the public eye with a new biographical movie on television. There is a little-known story the movie won’t be covering.

In 1974 Shirley Temple Black was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ghana. To celebrate, gala parties were planned at both the Swiss and British embassies. Ambassador Black’s assistants made plans for her to attend both fetes, but the Ambassador made it clear she wanted no part of a two … Read the rest...